Tiny Devotions

Tiny Devotions is a sisterhood with a mission to assist women with being proud of the space they occupy on the planet. They also provide tools for women to live their truth and remind them to be gentle and kind to themselves as they journey through life. The sisterhood is essentially committed to empowering bold women.

The core values of Tiny Devotions are etched in the hearts of the members of the sisterhood. The destination is not important; emphasis is placed on the journey to self-discovery and to the discovery of other members. The company is owned and operated by women and they create gorgeous mala bead jewelries to help women along their spiritual path way.

See their site HERE.

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Tiny Devotions Seed of Life Ring
Tiny Devotions offers a lovely (and very affordable) "Seed of Life" ring, dipped in 14K rose gold (brass is the primary metal). Let the sacred geometry design remind you of the limitless ...
Mala Beads – Perfect for Meditation and Prayer
I've seen mala beads (also known popularly as meditation beads or prayer beads) before, but recently became more aware of them after seeing a YouTube video discussing them. Spiritual Jewelry ...
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