The New RipTide Ripstick

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While there are numerous vaping brands on the market, not all are created equal, and features vary from brand to brand. When it comes to ingenuity and innovation, the Riptide name has, literally, been on the lips of vapers since its first appearance. Since then, the RipTide team have set their sites on revolutionizing the vaping experience from the ground up, and the folks at are excited to offer it to you. (NOTE: We have found a nice review video showing the RipStick in action, and up close. This thing is great! See the video below this article!)

From their cool, effective, and sleek designs to their use of NicTech technology, RipTide is helping set the industry standard and leading it down a bold road of enhancing the vaping experience. NicTech (nicotine technology) is an integral component in RipTide’s e-liquids, known to deliver the very best of what e-liquids and pods have to offer. The latest RipTide Ripstick is yet but another exemplary product making waves in the industry that you simply need to try.


RipTide Ripstick

The New Riptide Ripstick has produced a strong response from the vaping community. From its battery life, design, power, and charge time, the user-friendly design of this Ripstick makes it perfect for beginners or experienced vapers. Without complicated vape adjustments and settings, users can focus on the vape experience the Ripstick provides. The ultraportable Ripstick device is designed for use with the Riptide disposable pods. The pods feature some impressive flavors that offer a smooth and palatable taste described as “elevating the vaping experience to a whole other level.”


The sleek and compact design make this vaporizer ideal for a night out on the town. It can easily be slipped inside a pocket or bag for easy access and/or concealment. Initial critics of the Ripstick’s size questioned its cloud-abilities, but once they tried the Ripstick, those doubts were blown away.


Users have reported that the battery has a long life and is very fast to charge. For such a small device, it packs a lot of power, thanks to RipTide’s innovative design featuring a 380 mAh battery cell.

Flavor Experience

The RipTide vape pods that are available and are compatible with the new RipStick can be adjusted to suit your desired nicotine levels and feature a wide range of impressive flavours such as blue raspberry, bright leaf tobacco, mint, tropical, and berry crunch.

RipTide RipStick Features

• Super sleek design
• Highly portable
• Long battery life
• Variety of pod flavours
• Adjustable nicotine levels
• NicTech
• Low battery charge time
• Great cloud production
• Full and smooth taste experience
• No complex settings and adjustments
• Disposable vape pods
• No activation button draw


Users of the RipTide RipStick are recommending this particular model to people making the transition from cigarettes to vapes due to its relative ease in operating. And because the nicotine levels are adjustable, if consumers wants to wean themselves from nicotine, they  can adjust the levels. With the RipTide RipStick and its use of NicTech technology, tobacco-free nicotine and the ability to adjust nicotine levels gradually to ease the process is a huge benefit, according to many users. The user-friendly design of RipTide’s RipStick also makes it a product ideal for those just entering the vaping world.

So what else is there to say about RipTide’s most recent RipStick? This product is taking the vaping industry in a new and exciting direction. The RipTide name has become synonymous with premium-quality products, uncompromising design, portability, power, superior taste and simplicity. NicTech steps in where Nic salts have faltered. RipTide’s NicTech products offer increased nicotine satisfaction, the option of tobacco-free nicotine, a cleaner, smoother, crisper flavor, a much smoother draw than with salt, and is benzoic-acid free. If you are just starting out or are an experienced vape, RipTide’s RipStick offers an unparalleled vape experience that comes bundled in one small, sleek, powerful, and portable package.

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