About Our Team

Thank you for visiting DealUniverse.org. We are a small team of folks who buy a LOT on line. We each like different things – as you can probably tell from the collection here. Some of us are REALLY into vaping. Some of us LOVE jewelry. Fitness. Herbs. Food… It goes on an on.

So, we figured, when we find something that WE like and we can score some good deals for others, why not pass it along? We’re an eclectic bunch of friends, and we span a couple of generations – but our formula is simple when it comes to this: We find cool stuff, then we add discounts and coupons from the manufacturer or from the vendor, which results in savings for you.

We do this as a kind of hobby that went a little nuts. We ask friends what they like – or they tell use to find something specific that they were looking for. That’s how our in-house “Jewelry Queen” found all the sweet deals on the jewelry here. Then, there are friends who tell us about something that they found that they thought we might like to pass along. And that’s how we came across Lost Empire Herbs. Etc. It goes on.

And we’re going to continue adding stuff when we come across it. But although it’s a big universe out there, we’re not like a “big box store” for the internet. You’re not likely to find deals for stuff at Walmart or Home Depot or big places like that. You’re not going to see commercials for us on TV. Actually one of our crew doesn’t even have a TV (no, seriously, she doesn’t).

So, browse around! And if you buy anything through our links, we may get a commission from the merchant – but that commission NEVER comes from YOU. You save money. Period. Any commission that comes to us is the MERCHANT’S way of thanking us for referring a new customer.

Have fun! Be well. Enjoy life.

Deal Universe
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