Online Jewelry Store Reviews

One thing that seems to continually catch our eye is jewelry. And in our research on what the best online jewelry stores are, we’ve become very fond of several that stand out for us. So, we decided to devote a section of the site to some reviews of a number of them here.

Best Online Jewelry Store Reviews

Best online jewelry store reviews


Choosing Online Jewelry Stores to Review

Because we’re also dedicated to finding great deals for our readers, we tend to promote companies that provide discounts and offer better value and savings than you might find if you were to walk into a retail store (e.g. a jewelry store in a mall where their overhead can be very high).

Customer Service is Important

However, offering discounts isn’t enough. The company must also offer excellent customer service as well as an easy way for customers to work with them if a piece of jewelry needs a size adjustment (ensuring that engagement rings fit correctly is one example!) or exchange/return. Buying jewelry online should be a fun and rewarding experience.

With that said, we also like to work with merchants whose reviews reflect a high customer satisfaction rating.

Additional Criteria We Consider When Featuring a Jewelry Store:

  • Does the merchant offer custom or unique designs that you can’t find “just anywhere?”
  • Are there environmentally and/or socially conscious options available (e.g. “conflict free diamonds” “lab created diamonds” “moissanite”)?
  • Has the merchant been featured on other, well-known industry or related websites and/or media?
  • Does the merchant offer a variety of methods for customers to pay (e.g. financing, PayPal, layaway, etc)?

You Do NOT Pay More When Purchasing Jewelry Through Our Referral Links

One more thing we would like you to know: If you purchase a piece of jewelry through any of the links that we provide, you will NEVER pay more than you would by going elsewhere. You may actually pay less if the merchant has offered any discounts – which we also post here at Deal Universe. The links that are given to us to use on this site are simply to let the merchant know that we referred you, and in return, we may receive a commission if you decide to buy.

In the drop-down menu, you will see reviews of several online jewelry stores, and we’ll also make sure we link to those reviews here. So, welcome to our jewelry section of Deal Universe, and enjoy the reviews and discounts!

Choose Your Jewelry Review:


Kobelli Jewelry has long been one of our top picks, not only because they tick all the boxes as far as customer service, high ratings and more, but also because they have become a leader in moissanite (an eco-friendly diamond alternative) jewelry, and also offer fabulous men’s wedding rings (the Lashbrook collection) that are truly outstanding. Read our Kobelli Review Here!

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