Why Couples are Choosing Moissanite Engagement Rings

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Environmentally friendly Moissanite engagement rings are all the rage these days. You may have guessed, if you have read some of my other psots, that I am very fond of moissanite. After all, I promote it here, and I’m in love with Kobelli and Anjays Designs – two fabulous online jewelers who both use moissanite extensively in their designs.

If you are new to this gemstone, we’ve got a lot of info for you, and I’m going to get into a variety of reasons why more and more people are choosing moissanite engagement rings over diamond and other gemstone rings. First, let’s look at a couple of wedding facts.


Fun Engagement Ring Intel…

According to popular wedding site, The Knot, couples spent an average of $6,351 on their engagement ring in 2017.

In a different article at that site, writers talk about how much a couple “should” spend on a ring. Fortunately, the article throws shade on some old marketing ploys. For example: the notion that someone should spend a full month’s gross income on the ring. WHAAAT? Happily, they explain that “Few people realize that this “guideline” began as a marketing initiative that diamond marketers used to enhance sales around the start of WW2.”

Moissanite has been getting more and more popular as a diamond alternative. More on that in a minute.

So, what SHOULD a couple spend on a ring?

My feeling is that a couple should spend whatever they are most comfortable spending. And even if that means NO engagement ring at all, that should be fine with anyone and everyone. Perhaps they would prefer to use that money for something more life-changing, like a down payment on a home. I totally get that.

Plus, not everyone wants an engagement ring, so there should never be any pressure on a couple if that is their choice.

Which brings me to another topic, and the reason for this post to begin with: Choice.

Be sure to read the excellent Kobelli reviews!According to the American Gem Society, thanks to the brilliant marketing of the 1947 De Beers campaign hammering home the “A Diamond is Forever” slogan, diamond engagement ring sales climbed.

And so have prices. I can’t even imagine my husband’s reaction if I had insisted on a diamond engagement ring when we got married. He just wouldn’t “get it.” We are not a very traditional couple to begin with, so why force a diamond purchase on someone who:

  1. doesn’t LIKE diamonds to begin with,
  2. feels that they are overpriced, and
  3. believes that diamonds are not the most environmentally friendly option for a ring?

I was in total agreement with him, and decided against an engagement ring at all. (Please note this was in 1998, before the Clean Diamond Trade Act, which we mention below.)

Nowadays, because there ARE certified conflict-free diamonds, I’m not adverse to them the way I once was. In fact, there are some truly lovely diamond rings and other jewelry I admire and would be happy to wear – as long as they were certified conflict-free. Fortunately, more and more jewelers today are on that same band wagon.

And yet, People are Beginning to Just Say NO to Diamonds

More and more people are opting for different engagement rings. I am fortunate that I get to meet people from all over the world. And that brings me into contact with some amazing folks. I’ve been meeting people with some incredibly unique tastes in jewelry – which of  course I notice since I promote a number of different jewelry styles.

For example, until I met a young couple at a yard sale last winter, I hadn’t known that you could buy skull engagement rings and bridal sets! I learned that these are deeply symbolic, and immediately set out to find a jewelry store that carried a nice collection (as a result, we can now show you some cool skull rings here at this Jeulia post.

Likewise, I didn’t know about moissanite when I got engaged. It was only beginning to be introduced to the market when I got married in 1998. I only became aware of it when I was admiring a moissanite ring.

Oh my… how things have changed in the jewelry world!

Today, as I look at some of the enchanting moissanite engagement rings that I’ve been seeing in the course of promoting them, I now know that had these options been available to me “way back” in 1998, I surely would have been one of those brides still proudly wearing my “moissy” ring today.

As it turns out, I may soon be getting a moissanite ring of my own, even if it’s not an engagement ring, because I’ve had my eye on a couple of pieces that would look amazing on the same finger where I wear my wedding band or on my other hand.

(Hint Hint – I could be VERY happy with THIS bridal set from Kobelli (pictured just above at the left), or this nature inspired “leaf and vine” set  (pictured below at left) from AnjaysDesigns if I were to do it all over again!)

But, right now I want to focus on…

Why so many people are choosing moissanite engagement rings.

leaf and vine - nature inspired moissanite engagement ring and bridal set by Anjays Designs

Click to see this set up close!

In 2018, moissanite as the gemstone of choice is up 294%!! This, according to a newsroom at Pinterest.
Let’s consider some of the reasons why:

  • Moissanite is typically less expensive than natural diamonds, when comparing stones of similar size. (Gold is still used, and will factor into the price.)
  • The clarity grade is very high and one of the top brands in moissanite, the Charles and Colvard Forever One Moissanite (which both Kobelli and AnjaysDesigns use) is comparable to a “VS” (Very Slightly) to “VVS” (Very Very Slightly) included clarity grade of a diamond. What this means is that any inclusions would be very difficult to detect – and the VVS would mean that even an experienced stone grader would have trouble seeing it, even if using a 10x magnification!
  • Moissanite is brilliant! Plain and simple, it glitters magnificently and rivals natural diamonds.
  • It is also second ONLY to diamonds when it comes to hardness. A diamond scores a “10” on the MOHs Hardness Scale, and a moissanite comes in a close second at a 9.25 – 9.5 on the MOHs scale!
  • Moissanite is, without ANY doubt whatsoever, a superior environmentally and socially conscious alternative to natural diamonds.
  • As more and more people become aware of the conflict surrounding the mining of natural diamonds (perhaps you’ve heard of “Conflict Diamonds” or “Blood Diamonds”), they are making a conscious choice to purchase moissanite engagement rings and other jewelry.

You may be wondering WHY Moissanite is made in a lab

Anjays Designs offers a stunning collection of fine, nature inspired jewelrySince you’re here at this article, I would bet that you’ve been reading up on moissanite. I’d be willing to guess that you are trying to decide if moissanite is the right choice for you. Perhaps you’ve decided that yes, you agree with all the reasons why so many people are turning to this “diamond alternative” instead of the “natural stone.”

As you juggle this information, it is possible that you are perplexed as to why it’s made in a lab when moissanite is a mineral (silicon carbide).

The reason is actually very simple: The moissanite crystals that are found on earth are just too tiny to be cut into gemstones. That’s it!

We can thank the brilliant scientists at Charles and Colvard for finally figuring out how to create this magnificent stone so it could be used in jewelry. They were also the first to bring moissanite to the market in 1998. Now, other labs can produce moissanite as well; however many jewelers use Charles and Colvard’s Forever One Moissanite in their pieces. You’ll see them featured in many of the pieces at Kobelli and AnjaysDesigns.

By the way, Kobelli DOES also use natural diamonds in their collections; however they are CERTIFIED “conflict free” in accordance with the Clean Diamond Trade Act (Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) – which we discuss in our review of Kobelli jewelry)

How Do Past Moissanite Buyers Feel about their “Moissy” now?

We asked the same question when we first heard about moissanite, and were considering promoting moissanite jewelry here at DealUniverse.org. So, we began digging!

Usually when you hear about something with so many positive attributes, one might figure that there has to be something that people don’t like!

But that isn’t the case here. With very few exceptions, people LOVE it! In fact, there is precious little that people don’t like! A couple of people said they didn’t like how much it sparkled. Hey, to each his or her own. I don’t understand that one!

Anyway, we went to one of the biggest sources we could find of people who are willing to talk about their experiences – jewelry forums! In particular, we sought out the popular “WeddingBee.com” forums. There is a thread with the title: “Do you regret getting moissanite?”

Almost every single respondent loved – and still loves – their moissanite. Numerous people talked about how they have or are getting additional “Moissy” pieces.
Check out these screencasts we’ve taken to see what we mean. I pretty much scrolled through the entire conversation fairly quickly, so just hit “pause” to see all the replies. You’ll see only a couple of “Nay” and mostly “Yay.”There is also a thread there asking people “Why did you choose moissanite?” The opinions there are in agreement with those we’ve talked about here in our own article.

Now that you know why so many people are choosing moissanite engagement rings, perhaps you will be next! If so, you are in for a treat! Look at the nature inspired pieces handcrafted by AnjaysDesigns, and the moissanite collection at Kobelli as well!

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