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Lost Empire Herbs Coupon Code: Save 15%

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Hello everyone! Our Lost Empire Herbs coupon code saves you 15%! The code you see here is one they gave us EXCLUSIVELY for our readers! It’s valid for just about everything (except VIP purchases). This is a current coupon code, so give it a try! I’m convinced that Lost Empire Herbs is simply the best online herb store I have seen (and I’ve seen a bunch!). I am also a paying customer, so I’m not just “promoting” them. They are an EXCELLENT company. Please consider giving them a try.


What is Lost Empire Herbs best selling herb?

I think that one of their best selling herbs is pine pollen, which was one of the products I originally purchased from these guys, but wow! They have SO MUCH to choose from. This is a seriously high-quality online source for your herbs. I couldn’t even begin to list them all.

What do I Personally Use?

To be clear, I use more than pine pollen personally. As a female, I am a huge fan of their Athena Woman’s Formula (they offer powder and tincture). Note: This is a VERY popular item, and so if you notice it goes out of stock, simply add your name to the wait list! They seem to be pretty good at regularly getting their products back in stock.

Another couple of items I’ve been buying, and will review at some point for you include:

I need to let you know, in the spirit of total transparency, I pay for everything I get from Lost Empire. They operate with extreme integrity, so I don’t get stuff for free! They allow me to use coupons that they offer, but other than that, I don’t get any better discounts than you do! And I like it that way. 

Lost Empire Herbs – Knowledgeable and Data Driven

Also, you should know that the guys who run this company are passionate about what they are selling. When you start sifting through the site, you’ll begin to notice a trend: They seem to publish more information about each herb than pretty much any other source I’ve seen on line. Have a look. I believe it is worth your time to check them out. The site is

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Lost Empire Herbs Coupon Code
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