Jeulia Mermaid Rings – Nice Details and Unique Design

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In this post, let’s have a look at Jeulia Mermaid Rings! If you are hoping to find a pretty mermaid engagement ring, check this out! Note that these are sterling silver mermaid rings. This is the primary precious metal used in most of the Jeulia jewelry pieces that we have been featuring.

As you will be able to see in the video below this post, there seem to be just under a dozen of these rings at the site at the time of this writing. Also, when you’re watching the video, you’ll notice that we didn’t go into great detail about how to use Jeulia coupon codes since we’ve covered that topic in a couple of other videos (see the primary post about Jeulia Coupon Codes here where we explain how they work).

Also, don’t forget to visit our coupons in case there’s a special sale or promo going on!

Comparing Jeulia Mermaid Rings to Others

During our review, we had scouted out mermaid rings on other sites, just to be able to have a comparison. It may (or may not) surprise you to learn that a good number of the rings we found were lacking a lot of detail. You’ll see in the video what we mean.

It seems like a lot of the rings we found were more-or-less looking like they had been almost “stamped” – kind of like some of the inexpensive “stamped” flatware I’ve noticed at inexpensive diners.

If you compare those to the Jeulia rings, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised! In the video, we feature a short animation showing the ring turning so that you can see all aspects of it. So, you will notice the intricacies of the design.

A Little Surprise!

Another thing you’ll notice is that Jeulia’s mermaid rings are really TWO mermaids! There is a mermaid on either side of the setting. This actually surprised us, because we weren’t expecting to see that given the usual designs out there. So this appears to be yet another way in which Jeulia is making a name for itself.

Again, don’t forget that these are created in sterling silver, which is also nickel-free – a real plus for sensitive skin.

The reviews on these pretty rings are very good, and are from verified buyers. In addition, a number of the customers posted pictures of their own purchases. This will give you a good idea about how they look outside the Jeulia studio!

To check out Jeulia Mermaid Rings, head on over to the product page HERE!

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