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WOW…Jeulia Wedding Sets & REVEAL Milgrain Rings is STUNNING

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These Jeulia wedding sets are NEW! Introducing the Jeulia rings Reveal Collection! Stunning filigree and milgrain rings is what sets this Jeulia jewelry apart. In the video below you’ll see a glimpse of them (below this post). When you watch the video, take particular note of the intricate side details that make this collection unique.

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Jeulia Wedding Sets – Beautiful Filigree Rings in Sterling Silver

While it isn’t unusual to see milgrain or filigree details in jewelry, I haven’t personally seen as extensive a collection as I’m seeing with these sets. This detail is popular in vintage styles of rings. And it is especially noticeable along the sides of the rings in this collection.

Jeulia Wedding Sets - Filigree Rings Sterling SilverI love seeing vintage beauty show up in modern pieces!

This collection of delicate filigree rings, created in sterling silver, is another hallmark of Jeulia jewelry. The company works primarily with sterling silver. They are especially noted for this, along with the mission to provide jewelry for every budget. Who says that beautiful jewelry can’t be affordable?

By the way, as just one example from this collection (other than those you’ll see in the video), I’m highlighting one of my favorites here. If you click on the image at the right, you’ll go directly to the page featuring this wedding set.

I personally have two rings I use as wedding bands; however, I could easily add this set to my collection!

In addition to the detail that these pieces feature, you’ll notice that the company also gives a quick glimpse of the process from design to the end product. Sometimes, I see a piece of jewelry and wonder about the imagination and abilities that the designer has. Sadly, I do not possess that particular creative gift.

But I’m glad that others DO have that gift, because it’s so much fun to see the results of their artistry.

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