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Lashbrook – Kobelli Men’s Rings at the Amazon Store- COOLEST Mens Wedding Bands

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If you have heard of Lashbrook rings – this was the name of the Kobelli mens rings collection. During my review of the Kobelli Jewelry site, I came across Lashbrook rings, which are some of the the coolest men’s wedding bands (see them here)! I’m quite sure that “Lashbrook” is now Kobelli’s Men’s Collection since I’m no longer seeing the term “Lashbrook” on their Amazon page here. Yes, there are other men’s rings at the site, but these are my favorites for sure. I mean, anyone can go to a store and get a gold wedding band. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. But, what if you’d like to find men’s designer wedding bands that are just a little bit different? If that’s you, why not have a look at this collection?

These Men’s Rings are Beautiful

Kobelli’s men’s rings are probably some of the finest I’ve seen. If you’re just looking for an ordinary band, they DO have some, but please at least take a look at some of these truly unique designs. I liked what I saw when I checked them out.  I made a video to show you the collection, (which I made before Kobelli had an Amazon store) – Even though the video is older, I put it just down the page here, below this post for reference.

In the video, you’ll see an example of some men’s titanium wedding bands that are part of the collection. These remind me of my youngest brother-in-law’s wedding ring. And, even though this is a designer brand, I found a number of them to be quite affordable. And that’s even before using a promo code.

Save on Kobelli’s Men’s Rings

My absolute favorite ring is the “Two Tone 18k Rose Gold and Black Elysium Beveled Edge 8mm Band” at Amazon. Click Here to visit the product page. I’m quite fond of rose gold for one thing, and I just love this look in general. It’s classy and elegant, and ever-so-slightly understated.

There are a few others that (for me) come in a close second such as the Meteorite Rings (you’ll see them in the video, as well as at the Kobelli Men’s Collection page).

So, as you can see, I was excited about was seeing the Kobelli men’s collection (which used to be known as Lashbrook). These rings struck me as some of the coolest looking ones that I think I’ve ever seen when it comes to men’s wedding bands. I have a feeling that once you check them out yourself you may well agree!


  1. I have to admit that some of those Lashbrook rings are pretty cool! I hadn’t really thought of meteorite or wood inlays before this. I’ll keep this in mind since we’re starting to look at wedding bands. Thanks!

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