Direct Vapor – A Customer Favorite

DirectVapor is a premier destination for purchasing just about everything you could want for vaping. This company has been in existence for years now, and they have managed to outdo many of their competitors with their selection and standards. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting brand and why they are the top source for purchasing everything vape-related!


DirectVapor Pros

The pros of shopping with DirectVapor are many; this is a company that excels in offering a diverse selection of products that covers a large range. They don’t just focus on one area of the market; they cover the whole market. Additionally, the prices are excellent, the variety is mouthwatering, and they make a point of offering excellent customer service.

They have also become a go-to stop for people looking for their famed “Deals of the Week.”

DirectVapor Cons

Though few, DirectVapor does have a few cons. While they are known for their awesome prices and they do have a snazzy price-match option in the event items are found for less elsewhere, we have found their prices to be, at times, around average. They could offer larger quantities of liquids, too, as many vapers have gotten into the habit of purchasing bulk juices at a discount.

Let’s get into some of the areas that they are most noted for.

E-Liquid Selection

E-Liquids are a major draw for any vape shop and everyone knows they need to bring their A-game in this regard considering how much competition exists out there. What we are impressed with is the selection of vape juices carried by DirectVapor, especially their dedication to carrying a huge range; so many brands are highlighted, and the prices are great as well. You can find some of the most popular juices here, as well as new companies and hard to find options, so you’ve got tons to choose from.

Product Selection

As far as product selection goes, not many shops can outdo, much less compete with what DirectVapor has going on. We are pleased and can definitely recommend them on this point alone. Every major brand is carried by them, and every type of product can be found in their selection as well. They offer options for every vaper; from the curious smoker to the most advanced cloud-chucking advanced user. Is The Best Online Vape Shop. Free Shipping. Shop Now!

Points of Difference

In addition to amazing prices and a massive selection, another sticking point of shopping with DirectVapor are the perks that make this place an incredible option. They offer free shipping with no minimum, with every order. That’s right; no need to enter a special code or do anything out of the ordinary, this aspect is covered just for shopping with them. DirectVapor has a 15-day return policy, making it quite convenient to return items if need be. Additionally, they also offer a manufacturer’s warranty on all items; which is something not every company does.

Why You Need to Shop There

DirectVapor is an industry staple and if you aren’t shopping there for your vape pens, mods, pods, liquids, accessories, coils, and batteries, you are totally missing out! Overall, the selection is beyond just about anyone else and they offer many reasons to shop there beyond just variety. Knowing the company you’re shopping with offers measures of accountability, like their warranty option, as well as free shipping, and a return policy, shows they care about your experience and they want your business for the long-term. Hence why they have been in business for so long, and why they only continue to grow and get better over time. It’s an awesome shop and a company that deserves your dollar.

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