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Check out these Jeulia Coupon Codes for online purchases! We have all CURRENT Jeulia Promo Codes and sales for the month! Jeulia Jewelry rocks – it’s affordable, and you save even more when they have special deals! This is your home for unique designs, AND, they have nice military discounts!

For example, you’ll find a great selection of their VERY popular sterling silver (925) skull rings for men and women. NEW!!! You may want to look at the new and exclusive STARRY NIGHT Rings, Pendants, and Earrings – Starry Night is inspired by the famous Van Gogh painting 🌟 – And Jeulia mermaid rings are popular too 🧜‍♀️! And let’s not forget their Owl rings 🦉, and more! Jeulia jewelry is a lot of fun!😀 Shop today! CLICK HERE to visit their site. (But don’t forget to check the Jeulia coupon codes below!)

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Jeulia Coupon: 20% Off Sitewide Through 9/1/22
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Jeulia Coupon Code: 20% off Sitewide!

Special Sale at Jeulia from 8/1/22 - 9/1/22! Save 20% SITEWIDE with this Jeulia coupon code! It's that simple! Shop Now! Code expires 9/1/22.
Get this Deal and Save!
Get this Deal and Save!
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Hi! We'd like to introduce you to a unique online jewelry store: Jeulia Jewelry. AND we'll show you a bit about using Jeulia online coupon codes, because these folks have some great specials and promo codes that they offer throughout the year. I'm including the video that explains all this as well. To watch it, simply scroll down to below this post!

Jeulia Store Locations

Firstly, a number of people ask about Jeulia STORE locations - as in the bricks & mortar storefront. You won't find any, because Jeulia jewelry is sold exclusively online to help save on the overhead costs that, in any business, must typically be covered in the price of the product or service being offered.

The company itself is headquartered in Los Angeles, California; however, you won't find a store location open to the public there.

So, just know right off the bat that you are being offered pieces that will be priced far more reasonably than a number of other jewelry brands.

Jeulia Rings

When visiting the online store, some of the more popular pieces you'll notice are in Jeulia's ring selection. And this is on of the things that caught our attention. It often seems that different online jewelry stores seem to specialize in a few categories, and we noticed a few of these at Jeulia right away.

For example, Jeulia skull rings and mermaid rings stand out, and the company has a nice selection of both. We'll talk about that more in upcoming posts. But, if you just can't wait, check out their current online sales for some of their more unusual and popular styles:

Other Designs

Jeulia Scrollwork Rose Gold Toned Wedding Band - Part of the Reveal CollectionOf course there are other rings and collections, including some stunning wedding and bridal sets. When you have a chance, check out their lovely Reveal Collection, which features a two-toned color and delicate carvings in the design.

The Scrollwork Rose Gold-toned lab-created white sapphire wedding band pictured at the left is just one such example.

(You can click the photo of the wedding band to visit the product page to get a better look.)

Another thing we noticed right away is that their jewelry is .925 sterling silver. You do have a choice of plating color (e.g. rose gold-tone, yellow gold-tone). Again, if you look at the example from the Reveal Collection, you'll see what we mean. The company does a wonderful job with their plating.

In addition, upon checking a number of different products at random, we notice that they state that their pieces are nickle-free - a good thing for people like me who have sensitive skin!

Other things to Note about Jeulia Jewelry:

  • They use lab created sapphire, which are produced in their own lab (that is, NOT mass-produced), and which measure a 9 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness (natural diamonds score a 10). This is part of the company's desire to create jewelry that is environmentally conscious. Nice!
  • Jeulia offers a 30-Day Return Policy as well as a One-Year Warranty.
  • They support our men and women serving in the Military, along with their families, and offer a 20% Military Discount.
  • Every purchase qualifies for Free Shipping (NOTE: You will see in the video, below, where to make sure that you choose the Free Standard Shipping when you are ready to check out).
  • They have a fun Rewards Program to help you earn points that you can use towards future purchases. This is a great incentive, and can save even more on your jewelry purchases. This also makes it easy to add to your personal jewelry collection or help you buy gifts!
  • They offer a LOT more than rings! Although we concentrated primarily on Jeulia rings in this post, they have an extensive catalog of other pieces as well, including necklaces, charms (another category worthy of its own post), bracelets, and earrings. More on that later!

Using Jeulia Coupon Codes

You'll see in the video where you apply any promo codes that are available. Here is an important detail to note: You cannot combine deals.

What I mean by that is, let's say there is a site-wide or special holiday sale going on. Oftentimes, Jeulia will have a special built-in coupon code deal that will be automatically applied when you shop. In cases like that, if we have OTHER coupon codes (e.g. 10% off or another code), you cannot apply that code. The site-wide or special sale will supercede any other codes.

This is normal and to be expected - and I have never seen any online store allow the use of additional discounts over the special. Just like we can't (or at least shouldn't) double-dip at a party, we can't "double-dip" on savings. :) They do have to make some profit after all!

Now, having said that, when Jeulia coupon codes CAN be used, we have them all HERE at Deal Universe!

We hope that if you're in the market for some fun, and very affordable, reasonably priced jewelry, that you'll bookmark this page and consider Jeulia jewelry! Thanks for reading!

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